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WIP: questionnaire history

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# we don't need to deserialize, so we do not implement the abstract methods
# pylint: disable=abstract-method
import logging
from django_mysql.models import JSONField
from rest_framework.serializers import Serializer, ModelSerializer, DictField, ListField, CharField
from rest_polymorphic.serializers import PolymorphicSerializer
......@@ -10,6 +12,8 @@ from feudal.backend.models.users import User, SSHPublicKey
from feudal.backend.models.deployments import Deployment, VODeployment, ServiceDeployment, DeploymentState, CredentialState
from feudal.backend.models.auth.serializers.clients import VOSerializer
LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class ServiceSerializer(ModelSerializer):
class Meta:
......@@ -30,7 +34,6 @@ class CredentialSerializer(ModelSerializer):
class UserSerializer(ModelSerializer):
vos = VOSerializer(many=True)
userinfo = JSONField()
credentials = DictField(
......@@ -133,3 +136,29 @@ class DeploymentStateSerializer(ModelSerializer):
read_only_fields = (
def update(self, instance, validated_data):
LOGGER.debug('Updating %s', instance)
instance.state = validated_data.get('state', instance.state)
instance.message = validated_data.get('message', instance.message)
instance.credentials = validated_data.get('credentials', instance.credentials)
# merge new questionnaire / answers value into the existing dictionary
if 'questionnaire' in validated_data:
new_questionnaire = validated_data.get('questionnaire')
for key in new_questionnaire:
question = new_questionnaire[key]
if instance.questionnaire.get(key, None) != question:
LOGGER.debug('Question %s = %s', key, question)
instance.questionnaire[key] = question
if 'questionnaire_answers' in validated_data:
new_questionnaire_answers = validated_data.get('questionnaire_answers')
for key in new_questionnaire_answers:
new_answer = new_questionnaire_answers[key]
if instance.questionnaire_answers.get(key, None) != new_answer:
LOGGER.debug('Questionnaire answer %s = %s', key, new_answer)
instance.questionnaire_answers[key] = new_answer
return instance
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