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First REST prototype

The problem is that we don't have deployment 'per service'
parent c307f65b
......@@ -2,76 +2,100 @@
import logging
from django.contrib.auth import authenticate
from django.shortcuts import get_object_or_404
from rest_framework import status
from rest_framework import views
from rest_framework.permissions import AllowAny
from rest_framework.response import Response
from .. import models
from ..models import serializers
LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)
example_input = {
'at': '<OpenID Connect Access Token>',
'iss': '<Issuer URI>',
'key': '<SSH public key>',
'key_name': '<SSH public key name>',
'key_value': '<Value for a new SSH key (if the key "key_name" does not yet exist)>',
's': '<service identifier>',
def _error_response(error):
def _error_response(request, error):
return Response(
'error': error,
'example_input': example_input
'example_input': EXAMPLE_INPUT,
class ProvisioningView(views.APIView):
permission_classes = (AllowAny,)
def access_token_valid(access_token):
return False
def service_exists(service_id):
return False
def post(self, request):
LOGGER.debug("Got user REST request: %s", request)
if 'at' not in
return _error_response("Need access token field 'at'")
return _error_response(request, "Need access token field 'at'")
if 'iss' not in
return _error_response("Need issuer uri field 'iss'")
if 'key' not in
return _error_response("Need ssh key field 'key'")
if 's' not in
return _error_response("Need service identifier field 's'")
access_token =['at']
issuer_uri =['iss']
key =['key']
service_id =['s']
return _error_response(request, "Need issuer uri field 'iss'")
user = authenticate(
if user is None:
return _error_response(request, "Unable to authenticate user")
if user is None:
return _error_response("Unable to authenticate user")
LOGGER.debug("USER-RESTAPI: authenticated user %s using access token", user)
if 'key_name' not in
return _error_response(request, "Need ssh key field 'key_name'")
ssh_key = None
if not self.service_exists(service_id):
return _error_response("Invalid service id: Does not exist")
ssh_key = user.ssh_keys.get(['key_name']
return Response({
'foo': 'bar',
except models.SSHPublicKey.DoesNotExist:
if 'key_value' not in
return _error_response(request, "Need ssh key field 'key_value'")
ssh_key = models.SSHPublicKey(['key_name'],['key_value'],
if 's' not in
return _error_response(request, "Need service identifier field 's'")
service =['s'],
# the problem is that without VO name the state items may be ambiguous
state_items = user.state_items.filter(service=service)
return Response({
'state_items': serializers.DeploymentStateSerializer(state_items, many=True).data,
'service': serializers.ServiceSerializer(service).data,
'ssh_key': serializers.SSHPublicKeySerializer(ssh_key).data,
except models.Service.DoesNotExist:
return _error_response(
"Service '%s' does not exist / you are not authorised to use it".format(['s']),
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