Commit a8c6c9e1 authored by Lukas Burgey's avatar Lukas Burgey
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Remove unwanted trailing slashes from some urls

parent 0d89428d
......@@ -222,9 +222,9 @@ def response_view_error(err):
path('dep-state/', DeploymentStateView.as_view()),
path('dep-states/', DeploymentStateListView.as_view()),
path('dep-state', DeploymentStateView.as_view()),
path('dep-states', DeploymentStateListView.as_view()),
path('config/', ConfigurationView.as_view()),
path('deregister/', DeregisterView.as_view()),
path('config', ConfigurationView.as_view()),
path('deregister', DeregisterView.as_view()),
......@@ -38,5 +38,5 @@ class StateView(generics.RetrieveAPIView):
path('state/', StateView.as_view()),
path('state', StateView.as_view()),
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