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Remove unwanted Deployent.update

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......@@ -115,10 +115,6 @@ class Deployment(PolymorphicModel):
def _assure_states_exist(self): # pragma: no cover
raise NotImplementedError('Should be overwritten in subclass')
def update(self):
# call when you changed Deployment.state_target
def target_changed(self):
LOGGER.debug(self.msg('Target changed to {}'.format(self.state_target)))
......@@ -86,10 +86,6 @@ class ConfigurationView(views.APIView):
except VO.DoesNotExist:
# we need to update the Deployments here
for dep in vo.vo_deployments.all():
# returns the service ID to service mapping contained in the request
def parse_sid_to_service(self, request):
self.sid_to_service = {}
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