Commit a197eb0a authored by Lukas Burgey's avatar Lukas Burgey
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Move the UserCredentialStates into the script output

This will make the translation towards using the real script output
parent 999efeb8
......@@ -52,10 +52,6 @@ type (
// Service is the service for which we performed the deploy action
Service service `json:"service"`
// UserCredentials serves to inform, which specific credentials we deployed
// maps credential types to maps of credential names to credential state
UserCredentials map[string]map[string]s.State `json:"user_credentials"`
// ackResponse response of the backend for our response
......@@ -372,11 +368,11 @@ func (c *config) handleTask(t task) (err error) {
// TODO change the API towards the scripts so the can tell us which credentials they actually deploy
// here we just expect the script to make them all reach the StateTarget
var userCredentials = make(map[string]map[string]s.State)
var userCredentialStates = make(s.UserCredentialStates)
for credType, credList := range t.Credentials {
for _, credential := range credList {
if stateMap, ok := userCredentials[credType]; !ok {
userCredentials[credType] = map[string]s.State{
if stateMap, ok := userCredentialStates[credType]; !ok {
userCredentialStates[credType] = map[string]s.State{
credential.Name: t.StateTarget,
} else {
......@@ -385,11 +381,12 @@ func (c *config) handleTask(t task) (err error) {
output.UserCredentialStates = userCredentialStates
c.DoneTasks <- taskReply{
ID: t.ID,
Service: t.Service,
Output: output,
UserCredentials: userCredentials,
ID: t.ID,
Service: t.Service,
Output: output,
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