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......@@ -8,24 +8,20 @@ In order to do so, it needs to be registered at the respective backend instance.
The client is configured using a single config file.
To build the client you need go version 1.8 or higher. We recommend using the newest stable version.
- In addition you need to have a GOPATH setup (instructions: ```go help gopath```)
This project is built using go. We make use of go modules which were introduced in go1.11. You can check your go version with ```go version```. We recommend using the latest stable version.
- Fetch the repository and its dependencies into the GOPATH: ```go get -u```
- You need to have a GOPATH setup (see ```go help gopath```). As a start you need the GOPATH enviroment variable set to a directory.
- Clone the repository outside of $GOPATH: ```git clone```
- Build the client: ```go install```. The binary will be located at $GOPATH/bin/feudalClient.
- Switch to the cloned directory and run ```go get```. This fetches dependencies and builds the project. The binary will be located at $GOPATH/bin/feudalClient.
Copy the binary and a config file to the target VM.
See example-config for an example config.
See example-config for an example configuration.
- Additional info: ```feudalClient --help```
- Run the client: ```feudalClient ./config/file/path```
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- Run the client: ```feudalClient --config ./config/file/path```
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