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......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ var (
accessTokenArg = app.Flag("at", "Access Token").Short('a').Envar("OIDC_AT").Envar("OIDC").String()
issuerURIArg = app.Flag("issuer", "Issuer URI of your access token. Not needed if JWT access token with iss claim.").Short('u').Default("").String()
feudalURI = app.Flag("feudal", "Feudal URI").Short('f').Default("").String()
feudalURI = app.Flag("feudal", "Feudal URL").Short('f').Default("").String()
pubKey = app.Flag("identity-file", "SSH identity (public key) file").Short('i').String()
verboseArg = app.Flag("verbose", "Verbose output").Short('v').Bool()
connectArg = app.Flag("connect", "Open SSH connection, once credentials are received (experimental).").Short('c').Bool()
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