Commit 38b0469c authored by lukasburgey's avatar lukasburgey
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Make stub script use questionnaire_answers

parent 30fe01eb
......@@ -13,10 +13,6 @@ import (
const (
version = "0.2.0"
var (
httpClient = &http.Client{}
app = kingpin.New(
......@@ -68,8 +64,18 @@ func questionnaire(input scripts.Input) (output scripts.Output, err error) {
output.State = scripts.Questionnaire
output.Msg = "I need some answers"
output.Questionnaire = map[string]string{
"Question-Foo": "Description of question foo",
"Question-Bar": "Description of question bar",
"question_name": "This is markdown!\\n#\\nOr is it?\\n - Option a\\n - Option B\\n",
"age_question": "How old are you?",
"list_question": "Who are you?",
"list_question_2": "How many do you want?",
"are_you_sure": "What you are trying is wrong. Are you sure?",
output.QuestionnaireAnswers = map[string]interface{}{
"question_name": "question", // string default value
"age_question": 18, // age_question must be an integer, defaulting to 18
"list_question": []string{"person_a", "person_b"}, // list_question must be one of the listed options
"list_question_2": []int{1, 2}, // list_question_2 must be one of the listed options
"are_you_sure": false, // are_you_sure must be a boolean, with false being the default value
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