Commit e8d5c8c0 authored by lukas.burgey's avatar lukas.burgey
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Fix markdown example

parent 15164ca0
......@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ func questionnaire(input scripts.Input) (output scripts.Output, err error) {
output.State = scripts.Questionnaire
output.Msg = "I need some answers"
output.Questionnaire = map[string]string{
"question_name": "This is markdown!\\n#\\nOr is it?\\n - Option a\\n - Option B\\n",
"question_name": "#This is markdown! \\nOr is it? \\n - Option a \\n - Option B \\n",
"age_question": "How old are you?",
"list_question": "Who are you?",
"list_question_2": "How many do you want?",
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