Commit 91d2d788 authored by Lukas Burgey's avatar Lukas Burgey

Update field descriptions and remove obsolete types

parent 456d73af
require v0.1.0 // indirect v0.1.0 h1:0fUu6ANA/SS5alyYKL+diwADjBng4f524wz/UiCj5nE= v0.1.0/go.mod h1:0h97fa5a+3UqI6rGnkcUhM4DyFvBt4zAXIja+EJbXls= v1.0.0/go.mod h1:5+SmQtrtjjLAI5rgZXVVRNvLfwlKw0uRDwWkFq8HUJo= v0.0.0-20160405071501-a0175ee3bccc h1:cAKDfWh5VpdgMhJosfJnn5/FoN2SRZ4p7fJNX58YPaU= v0.0.0-20160405071501-a0175ee3bccc/go.mod h1:LOuyumcjzFXgccqObfd/Ljyb9UuFJ6TxHnclSeseNhc= v0.0.0-20151022065526-2efee857e7cf h1:qet1QNfXsQxTZqLG4oE62mJzwPIB8+Tee4RNCL9ulrY= v0.0.0-20151022065526-2efee857e7cf/go.mod h1:ybxpYRFXyAe+OPACYpWeL0wqObRcbAqCMya13uyzqw0= v0.0.0-20181107104731-27835f1a64e9 h1:xBuwuVDG/vbGv1b0Dn/06flcq0R6MITax8244EZYaKE= v0.0.0-20181107104731-27835f1a64e9/go.mod h1:1WNBiOZtZQLpVAyu0iTduoJL9hEsMloAK5XWrtW0xdY= v2.2.6 h1:jMFz6MfLP0/4fUyZle81rXUoxOBFi19VUFKVDOQfozc= v2.2.6/go.mod h1:FMv+mEhP44yOT+4EoQTLFTRgOQ1FBLkstjWtayDeSgw=
......@@ -21,21 +21,13 @@ type (
// UserCredentials maps a credential type to the credentials of this type
UserCredentials map[string][]Credential
// Group a group of which User is a member of
Group struct {
Name string `json:"name"`
// UserInfo info about the user
UserInfo map[string]interface{}
// User describes the user info
// User contains information concerning the user of a deployment
User struct {
// Email string `json:"email"`
// Groups []Group `json:"groups"`
UserInfo UserInfo `json:"userinfo"`
Credentials UserCredentials `json:"credentials,omitempty"`
Credentials UserCredentials `json:"credentials"`
// Input of the deployment script
......@@ -49,7 +41,9 @@ type (
// Credentials the credentials to deploy
// maps the credential type to the according credentials
// TODO this should move into Input.User
// This is now located in Input.User.Credentials
// This field will therefore be removed in the future!
Credentials UserCredentials `json:"credentials,omitempty"`
// Questionnaire is an answered questionnaire
......@@ -66,7 +60,6 @@ type (
// when State == Deployed then Output.Credentials *can* be set
State State `json:"state"`
// TODO use this correctly
// Message for the user
Msg string `json:"message"`
......@@ -80,9 +73,10 @@ type (
// Maps a credential name to a credential value
Credentials map[string]string `json:"credentials,omitempty"`
// UserCredentialStates states of the credentials provided by the user (not by the script!)
// This field is not mandatory! The client will assume that all credentials have the State
// Output.State if this is not given
// UserCredentialStates are the State s of the credentials found in Input.User.Credentials.
// This field is not mandatory. The client will assume that all credentials have the State
// Output.State if this field is not given.
UserCredentialStates UserCredentialStates `json:"user_credential_states,omitempty"`
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