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Import molecule_names

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......@@ -82,7 +82,27 @@ module Import
def import_samples
# molecule_name_uuid = fields.fetch('molecule_name_id')
# molecule_name_fields = @data.fetch('MoleculeName').fetch(molecule_name_uuid)
# puts molecule_name_fields
@data.fetch('Sample', {}).each do |uuid, fields|
# look for the molecule_name
molecule_name_uuid = fields.fetch('molecule_name_id')
molecule_name_name = @data.fetch('MoleculeName').fetch(molecule_name_uuid).fetch('name')
# look for the molecule for this sample and add the molecule name
# neither the Molecule or the MoleculeName are created if they already exist
molfile = fields.fetch('molfile')
molecule = Molecule.find_or_create_by_molfile(molfile)
molecule.create_molecule_name_by_user(molecule_name_name, @current_user_id)
# get the molecule_name from the list of molecule names in molecule
# this seems a bit cumbersome, but fits in with the methods of Molecule and MoleculeName
molecule_name = molecule.molecule_names.find_by(name: molecule_name_name)
# create the sample
sample = Sample.create!(fields.slice(
......@@ -113,6 +133,7 @@ module Import
:created_by => @current_user_id,
:collections => fetch_many(
'Collection', 'CollectionsSample', 'sample_id', 'collection_id', uuid),
:molecule_name => molecule_name,
:sample_svg_file => fetch_image('samples', fields.fetch('sample_svg_file')),
:parent => fetch_ancestry('Sample', fields.fetch('ancestry'))
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