Commit 83e30573 authored by hh1966's avatar hh1966
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Fix research plan api

parent 0c17b53f
......@@ -94,17 +94,13 @@ module Chemotion
desc "Create a research plan"
params do
requires :name, type: String, desc: "Research plan name"
optional :description, type: Hash, desc: "Research plan description"
requires :sdf_file, type: String, desc: "Research plan SDF file"
requires :svg_file, type: String, desc: "Research plan SVG file"
requires :body, type: Array, desc: "Research plan body"
optional :collection_id, type: Integer, desc: "Collection ID"
post do
attributes = {
name: params[:name],
description: params[:description],
sdf_file: params[:sdf_file],
svg_file: params[:svg_file]
body: params[:body]
research_plan = attributes
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