Unverified Commit 95860b8f authored by Pavel Yakubovskiy's avatar Pavel Yakubovskiy Committed by GitHub

Fix typo (#60)

parent 9c68d81d
......@@ -144,8 +144,8 @@ PSPNet FPN
VGG ``'vgg16' 'vgg19'``
ResNet ``'resnet18' 'resnet34' 'resnet50' 'resnet101' 'resnet152'``
SE-ResNet ``'seresnet18' 'seresnet34' 'seresnet50' 'seresnet101' 'seresnet152'``
ResNeXt ``'resnext50' 'resnet101'``
SE-ResNeXt ``'seresnext50' 'seresnet101'``
ResNeXt ``'resnext50' 'resnext101'``
SE-ResNeXt ``'seresnext50' 'seresnext101'``
SENet154 ``'senet154'``
DenseNet ``'densenet121' 'densenet169' 'densenet201'``
Inception ``'inceptionv3' 'inceptionresnetv2'``
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