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Add hints on how to handle encrypted files

Write a minimal version of the vault tutorial section of the ansible docs.
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......@@ -83,3 +83,9 @@ Be aware that the development branches here are not save and the owner might for
* Add your SSH-key to the host `ssh-copy-id`
* Do the steps described for the self-setup
* Run `ansible-playbook -K --vault-id @prompt sites.yml` probably with the option `-l`
## Edit encrypted files
* You can either use `ansible-vault edit --vault-id @prompt group_vars/all/vault.yml` to edit the file in your editor mentioned in the `$EDITOR` environment variable or
* you can decrypt the file `ansible-vault decrypt --vault-id @prompt group_vars/all/vault.yml`, edit the file and encrypt it again `ansible-vault encrypt --ask-vault-pass group_vars/all/vault.yml`
The first one is of cause the preferred one, because there is no rist to add a unencrypted file to the repo.
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