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Add merge request template

also assign ansible responsible to each ticket and mr by default
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Calling host: (Fedora XX)
Calling host: (Fedora XX)
Failing nodes: lasXXX, lasXXX
......@@ -40,4 +40,4 @@ Possible fixes
(If you can, link to the line of code that might be responsible for the problem)
/label ~bug
/cc @vn4918
/assign @vn4918
OS: Fedora XX
......@@ -12,4 +12,4 @@ Possibly also interesting for:
/label ~softwarerequest ~suggestion
/cc @project-manager
/assign @project-manager
# Purpose / What's done
(description of what this MR does.
This can be the long description of a squash commit if one wants to squash the commits.)
## Fixes issue
Fixes issue #
## Affects
/label ~bug ~documentation ~feature
# Quality assurance
The following criteria are matched:
* [ ] Local test with one computer succeeded
* [ ] Test of sites.yml seucceeded
* [ ] ansible-playbook --check ran successfully
* [ ] README is updated or does not have to be updated
/assign @vn4918
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