Commit a6804a62 authored by julian.gethmann's avatar julian.gethmann
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Update main.yml

Patch CMakeLists.txt
parent 7d14021d
......@@ -58,6 +58,20 @@
mode: 0777
state: directory
- name: patch CMake file 1/2
become: yes
line: "# add_library(NAFF SHARED interface_NAFF.cpp ${SOURCE_FILES} ${HEADER_FILES})"
regexp: "add_library(NAFF SHARED interface_NAFF.cpp ${SOURCE_FILES} ${HEADER_FILES})"
path: /tmp/NAFF_cpp/CMakeLists.txt
- name: patch CMake file 2/2
become: yes
line: "#add_executable (NAFF main_NAFF.cpp ${SOURCE_FILES} ${HEADER_FILES})"
regexp: "add_executable (NAFF main_NAFF.cpp ${SOURCE_FILES} ${HEADER_FILES})"
path: /tmp/NAFF_cpp/CMakeLists.txt
- name: build
command: cmake ..
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