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A readme including basic ansible knowledge to install a system and to
maintain this repo
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# Ansible repository for LAS/CS NSQ computer
`git clone`
## How to use ansible for software installation/computer setup
Add your computer to the hosts file
install ansible
run ansible-pull
### Ask for new software
Open an issue in the GitLab issue tracker with the label: softwarerequest
## How to get new software on your computer
## Available roles
* common.yml: basic configuration for all LAS/NSQ computers
* clients.yml: all computers not acting as a server (only)
* desktop.yml: all desktop computers including laptops (having X11/Wayland)
* admin.yml: tools for administrators
# Develope new roles, extend or modify existing ones and update roles for new software
## Branches
All roles in the master branch should work and should not brake on any of our systems (desktop, server, simulation, notebooks) and the site.yml should always be runnable.
For developement and testing you should use development branches
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