Commit 012f7219 authored by marcus-tun's avatar marcus-tun
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removed debug showstopper

parent 738e0818
......@@ -83,14 +83,16 @@ def handler(req):
# we expect the data via post in encrypted assertion.
# we will return the url of where to collect the assertion
# request.
if req.method != 'POST':
req.write("Error, i was expecting a post request")
return apache.OK
log_path=req.document_root() + '/assertions/' + 'js-log'
logfile=open(log_path, 'w')
# This debug statement will destroy the whole processing
#log_path=req.document_root() + '/assertions/' + 'js-log'
#logfile=open(log_path, 'w')
form = util.FieldStorage(req)
if not form.has_key("encrypted_assertion"):
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