Commit 51c49e8f authored by jonathan.froehlich's avatar jonathan.froehlich
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Fixed Main assemble generation

parent 7eb0131b
......@@ -117,7 +117,9 @@ void MainElasticity::initAssemble() {
int degree = 1;
bool isStatic = false;
config.get("MechPolynomialDegree", degree);
mechA = std::make_unique<LagrangeElasticity>(*elasticityProblem, *pressureProblem, *meshes, degree, isStatic);
mechA = CreateFiniteElasticityAssemble(*elasticityProblem, *pressureProblem, *meshes, degree, isStatic);
double MainElasticity::EvaluateQuantity(const Vector &solution, const std::string &quantity) const {
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