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refactored stochastic hybrid flux

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#include "assemble/HybridEllipticAssemble.hpp"
* This is class just serves as interface to equip
* advection problems with the results of an hybrid
* flux computation.
class HybridFluxTransport {
class StochasticHybridFlux {
HybridEllipticAssemble *hybrid = nullptr;
Vector *flux = nullptr;
explicit HybridFluxTransport() = default;;
explicit StochasticHybridFlux() = default;;
HybridFluxTransport(HybridEllipticAssemble *hybrid, Vector *flux) :
StochasticHybridFlux(HybridEllipticAssemble *hybrid, Vector *flux) :
hybrid(hybrid), flux(flux) {}
void SetHybridEllipticAssemble(HybridEllipticAssemble *hybridEllipticAssemble) {
......@@ -30,4 +23,4 @@ public:
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