Commit a7593edc authored by niklas.baumgarten's avatar niklas.baumgarten
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added stochastic collocation test

parent 1f3b0a25
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ add_mpp_test(pdesolvers/TestPlotting PDESOLVERS)
add_mpp_test(estimators/datastructure/TestLevelMaps ESTIMATORS)
add_mpp_test(estimators/datastructure/TestExponents ESTIMATORS)
add_mpp_test(estimators/datastructure/TestMultilevelErrors ESTIMATORS)
add_mpp_test(estimators/TestStochasticCollocation ESTIMATORS)
# ------- MPI Tests -------
add_mpi_test(generators/TestSPRNG5 GENERATORS)
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