Commit a99b274f authored by niklas.baumgarten's avatar niklas.baumgarten
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using disc for vector

parent 9985a4a8
......@@ -20,8 +20,8 @@ void HybridFaceNormalFluxGenerator::createPDESolver() {
void HybridFaceNormalFluxGenerator::drawSample(const SampleID &id) {
solutionFaceValues = new SampleSolution(pdeSolver->MGraphs(), id);
solutionFaceFlux = new SampleSolution(pdeSolver->MGraphs(), id);
solutionFaceValues = new SampleSolution(pdeSolver->GetDisc(), id);
solutionFaceFlux = new SampleSolution(pdeSolver->GetDisc(), id);
auto assemble = dynamic_cast<HybridEllipticAssemble *>(pdeSolver->GetAssemble());
assemble->SetNormalFlux(solutionFaceValues->U, solutionFaceFlux->U);
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