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......@@ -17,13 +17,14 @@ void MonteCarlo::method() {
SampleID coarseId;
SampleID fineId;
SampleSolution coarseSolution(solMGraphs, level.mGcoarse);
SampleSolution fineSolution(solMGraphs, level.mGfine);
fineId.level = level;
fineId.coarse = false;
coarseId.level = level;
coarseId.coarse = true;
SampleSolution coarseSolution(solMGraphs, coarseId);
SampleSolution fineSolution(solMGraphs, fineId);
for (int m = ctr.M; m < ctr.M + ctr.dM; m++) {
computeSampleSolution(m, fineId, fineSolution);
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