Commit def9075e authored by niklas.baumgarten's avatar niklas.baumgarten
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added todo and made pointers private

parent 27e83cf2
......@@ -19,25 +19,29 @@ protected:
int degree = 1;
bool onlyFine = false;
Level level;
bool onlyFine;
Meshes *meshes;
PDESolver *pdeSolver;
MatrixGraphs *solMGraphs;
SampleCounter ctr;
Sums sums;
Averages avgs;
Variances vars;
Kurtosis kurtosis;
Meshes *meshes;
PDESolver *pdeSolver;
MatrixGraphs *solMGraphs;
MonteCarlo(Level level, int dM, bool onlyFine) :
level(level), ctr(SampleCounter(dM)), onlyFine(onlyFine) {
// Todo make function problemName -> meshes
if (problemName.find("1D") != string::npos)
meshes = MeshesCreator("Interval").
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