Commit 050bb3e6 authored by daniele.corallo's avatar daniele.corallo
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[439-refactor-stquadrature-handling] added GetFaceQuad for st disc

parent e1def00b
......@@ -145,6 +145,21 @@ public:
return timeFaceQuad;
using IDiscretization::GetFaceQuad;
const QuadratureT<T, sDim, tDim> GetFaceQuad(int faceid, DegreePair degree) const {
// Check for other ctypes QUADRILITERAL
if(faceid < 4){
const vector<Point> &faceqpoints = this->FaceQPoints()[faceid];
const Quadrature& spaceQ = this->GetCellFaceQuad(faceid,;
const Quadrature& timeQ = this->GetTimeFaceQuad(faceid, degree.time);
return QTensorT<T, sDim, tDim>({spaceQ, timeQ});
THROW("Implement for other faces.")
virtual bool isDgInTime() const = 0;
virtual std::shared_ptr<STDiscretizationT<>> create (
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