Commit 14545f8e authored by niklas.baumgarten's avatar niklas.baumgarten
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made FaceElement polymorphic

parent d6b9ba58
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ class FaceElement : public rows {
FaceElement (const matrixgraph& g, const cell& c, int face,
const Quadrature& Quad);
int nQ () const { return Q.size(); }
const Point& NodalPoint (int i) const { return (*this)[i](); }
virtual const Point& NodalPoint (int i) const { return (*this)[i](); }
const Point& LocalQPoint (int q) const { return Q.QPoint (q); }
const Point& QLocal (int q) const { return qLocal[q]; }
const Point& QPoint (int q) const { return qPoint[q]; }
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