Commit aee05fef authored by jonathan.froehlich's avatar jonathan.froehlich
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[plotting] Added Mesh plotting routine

parent a3f66525
......@@ -124,3 +124,11 @@ VtuPlot &mpp::deformed_plot(const string &name, const Vector &deformation) {
std::pair<std::string, PlotStatus> mpp::save_plot(const string &filename) {
return {filename, Plotting::status};
void mpp::plot_mesh(const Mesh &mesh) {
auto name = mesh.Name();
if(name.empty()) name = "Mesh";
Plotting::InstanceM().AddPlot(name, mesh);
......@@ -82,6 +82,8 @@ namespace mpp{
std::pair<std::string, PlotStatus> save_plot(const string& filename);
constexpr PlotStatus endp = PlotStatus::CLEAR;
void plot_mesh(const Mesh& mesh);
static string intAsString(int i) {
char buffer[256];
sprintf(buffer, "%04d", i);
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