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Download inside container

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FROM python:3.8-slim-buster
# add python scripts to path --> we have to find gunicorn
ENV PATH "${PATH}:/root/.local/bin"
WORKDIR /rechteckhohlleiter
COPY ./deps/rechteckhohlleiter /rechteckhohlleiter
# download and install package
RUN ["apt-get", "update"]
RUN ["apt-get", "install", "curl", "-y"]
RUN ["apt-get", "clean"]
RUN ["curl", "", "-o", "rechteckhohlleiter-master.tar.gz"]
RUN ["tar", "-xvf", "rechteckhohlleiter-master.tar.gz"]
WORKDIR /rechteckhohlleiter-master
RUN pip install . --user
WORKDIR /rechteckhohlleiter/src
WORKDIR /rechteckhohlleiter-master/src
CMD ["gunicorn", "dashapp:server", "--bind=", "--workers=9"]
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