Commit 0b5fe3b9 authored by pierre.tremouilhac's avatar pierre.tremouilhac
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Merge branch '569-copy-reaction-should-allow-loading-input' into 'development'

Copy reaction should allow loading input

Closes #569

See merge request ComPlat/chemotion_ELN!821
parents 4d4b850d f2ea7c04
......@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ export default class Sample extends Element {
residue_type: 'polymer',
custom_info: {
"formula": 'CH',
"loading": null,
"loading": (residue.custom_info ? residue.custom_info.loading : null),
"polymer_type": "polystyrene",
"loading_type": "external",
"external_loading": 0.0,
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