Commit 36425afd authored by Jan-Philipp Willem's avatar Jan-Philipp Willem
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change disabled dragHandle-color

parent fb704584
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ class ElementContainer extends Component {
render() {
const {connectDragSource, sourceType} = this.props;
if(sourceType == "") {
return <span style={{fontSize: '18pt', cursor: 'not-allowed'}} className='text-muted fa fa-arrows'></span>;
return <span style={{fontSize: '18pt', cursor: 'not-allowed', color: 'lightgray'}} className='fa fa-arrows'></span>;
} else {
return connectDragSource(
<span style={{fontSize: '18pt', cursor: 'move'}} className='text-info fa fa-arrows'></span>,
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