Commit 4d2c0143 authored by An Nguyen's avatar An Nguyen
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Fix advanced search order bug

parent e0cb637a
......@@ -142,12 +142,15 @@ module Chemotion
molecules: create_group_molecule(molecule_scope, sample_scope)
ids = Kaminari.paginate_array(samples).page(page).per(page_size)
id_array = Kaminari.paginate_array(samples).page(page).per(page_size)
ids = id_array.join(',')
paging_samples = Sample.includes(
:residues, :tag,
collections: :sync_collections_users,
molecule: :tag
).where(id: ids).order("position(id::text in '#{ids}')").to_a
id: id_array
).order("position(','||id::text||',' in ',#{ids},')").to_a
if search_method == 'advanced'
# sort by order - advanced search
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