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Combine 'Account Settings' and 'Change Profile'

Combine 'Account Settings' and 'Change Profile' into one function named
'Account & Profile'. The menu link is renamed as well. The functions
for updating Reaction Label and show/no-show external name on Sample title
settings remain the same.
parent c3b26fe9
......@@ -522,10 +522,9 @@ export default class UserAuth extends Component {
<Nav navbar pullRight>
<NavDropdown title={`${}`} id="bg-nested-dropdown">
<MenuItem eventKey="1" href="pages/settings" >Account Settings</MenuItem>
<MenuItem eventKey="1" href="pages/settings" >Account &amp; Profile</MenuItem>
{this.state.currentUser.is_templates_moderator ? templatesLink : null}
<MenuItem eventKey="3" href="users/edit" >Change Password</MenuItem>
<MenuItem eventKey="4" href="pages/profiles" >Change Profile</MenuItem>
<MenuItem eventKey="5" href="pages/affiliations" >My Affiliations</MenuItem>
<MenuItem onClick={this.handleShow}>My Groups</MenuItem>
{/* <MenuItem onClick={this.handleSubscriptionShow}>My Subscriptions</MenuItem>
Account Settings
Account &amp; Profile
......@@ -46,4 +46,23 @@
= render "#{plugin}/home/account"
.h2 Sample Title
= form_for current_user.profile, url: pages_update_profiles_path do |f|
= f.check_box :show_external_name, autofocus: true, autocomplete: "off"
= f.label :show_external_name, "Show external names on sample titles?"
= f.submit "Update user profiles", class: "btn btn-primary"
= link_to "Back", root_path
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