Commit 9dbc5d8f authored by PiTrem's avatar PiTrem
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devise: change email.confirm for dev

parent f4d61b04
......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ Rails.application.configure do
:password => ENV['SMTP_PASSWORD'],
:authentication => ENV['SMTP_AUTH'] && ENV['SMTP_AUTH'].to_sym,
:enable_starttls_auto => ENV['SMTP_TLS'] && ENV['SMTP_TLS'].match(/true/),
:openssl_verify_mode => ENV['SMTP_SSL_MODE'],
:openssl_verify_mode => ENV['SMTP_SSL_MODE']
......@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ Devise.setup do |config|
# able to access the website for two days without confirming their account,
# access will be blocked just in the third day. Default is 0.days, meaning
# the user cannot access the website without confirming their account.
config.allow_unconfirmed_access_for = 0.days
config.allow_unconfirmed_access_for = Rails.env.production? && 0.days || 5.years
# A period that the user is allowed to confirm their account before their
# token becomes invalid. For example, if set to 3.days, the user can confirm
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