1. 28 Nov, 2018 5 commits
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      Merge branch '507-strange-ui-behavior-on-sample-analyses' into 'development' · 2d52594b
      pierre.tremouilhac authored
      Resolve "strange UI behavior on sample analyses"
      Closes #507
      See merge request ComPlat/chemotion_ELN!742
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      handling changing currentElement now chained in ElementStore · d8fa1f45
      PiTrem authored
      does not use defered action anymore
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      FE fix element synchronization while handling changing current element: · ec6848c0
      PiTrem authored
      cancel fix: do not force reload
      when the user navigate between the element details tabs of opened reactions and samples:
      - fix synchronization of density/molarity
      - fix synch e.g when navigating to one Reaction, to a non associated sample, then to an associated sample.
        the data are synchronized independently of next tab:
        -- when the previous tab was a reaction then the data in all opened associated samples tabs will be synchronized
        -- when the previous tab was a sample then the data in the opened reaction tab will be synchronized (w reaction.updateMaterial)
      simplify synchronize element
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      Avoid mixing analyses when interacting Sample and Reaction · d640ee51
      chia-lin.lin authored
      User can open Reaction and Sample which are related to each other and
      input sample analyses data by switching Reaction and Sample window tabs
      . This operation sometimes might confuse users if they save the data in
       one window tab and then check the data in another window tab without
       refreshing data. And sometimes it brings the issue about data
       inconsistent because some scenarios are not covered in the current data
        flow control (we have analyses and containers in sample json and
      analyses and product in rection json).
      Add refreshing sample data in two functions: handleFetchSampleById and
      resetCurrentElement as a workaround solution. For handleFetchSampleById,
      always reset currentElement and selecteds if currentElement.type is sample
      . For resetCurrentElement, always reset product if currentElement.type
      is recation.
  2. 27 Nov, 2018 5 commits
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  6. 20 Nov, 2018 5 commits
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      Merge branch '569-copy-reaction-should-allow-loading-input' into 'development' · 0b5fe3b9
      pierre.tremouilhac authored
      Copy reaction should allow loading input
      Closes #569
      See merge request ComPlat/chemotion_ELN!821
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      Merge branch 'cs-new-scheme' into 'development' · 4d4b850d
      pierre.tremouilhac authored
      Fix ChemScanner SVG preview to 300px
      See merge request ComPlat/chemotion_ELN!819
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      Fix ChemScanner SVG preview to 300px · 4aeb37f9
      an.nguyen authored
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      Split Wellplate · a25dd07b
      chia-lin.lin authored
      A new wellplate is created with the same attribute-values as selected
      wellplate. The new records in table(Well) are also be created to keep
      the relationship between new wellplate and 'New Sample'. 'New Sample'
      means the new sample created from the original sample on the original
      The name of wellplate is required and is ended with surfix '-Split'.
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      Copy reaction should allow loading input · f2ea7c04
      chia-lin.lin authored
      When creating a reaction with polymer as starting material, the loading
      value is always 0 no matter user inputs the value or not. That's the
      current logic about reaction creation and will not change.
      When copying a reaction with polymer as starting material, the current
      logic about the loading value is to set it as null and does not bring
      the value from the source one. With this patch, the loading value is
      copied from the source reaction on front-end.
      There is a parameter 'keepResidueInfo'. No change is applied for the case
      (keepResidueInfo is ture) because a code comment said
      '// only reset loading'. So, leave it as well.
  7. 19 Nov, 2018 1 commit
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  10. 13 Nov, 2018 2 commits
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      The 'ValidateDOMNesting' javascript warning · c8cfdce7
      chia-lin.lin authored
      The type of 'validateDOMNesting' javascript warning occues after a ELN
      version release (maybe related to the libraries upgrade). Most of them
      are like '<xxx> cannot appear as a child of <abc>'. Check the warning
      detail and then modify the code as the warning suggests.
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      fix solvents issue · ad0e407f
      pei-chi.huang authored
  11. 12 Nov, 2018 7 commits
  12. 09 Nov, 2018 8 commits