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This is a project which uses both [JOANA]( and [KeY]( to try and analyze
security risks (i.e., unwanted information flow) in Java programs.
The way it works is explained in more depth in this paper:
The way it works is explained in more depth in the papers [Beckert et al. 2017](
and [Beckert et al. 2018](
The tool provides a GUI which gives the user access to all internal functionality. It supports two file formats: ".joak"
(JOana And Key) and ".dispro" (DISproving PROgress). The former describes where to find the Java project and how to annotate
......@@ -74,7 +75,7 @@ This software was mainly designed and implemented by the following students:
* Joachim Müssig
* Holger Klein
* Marko Kleine Büning
* [Marko Kleine Büning](
* [Simon Bischof](
For more information, please contact [Mihai Herda](
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