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my_twofa=Meine Tokens
twofa_backup_tan_list_values=Hier sehen Sie die n\u00E4chsten f\u00FCnf Werte Ihrer TAN Liste. Diese Werte m\u00FCssen in der angezeigten Reihenfolge verwendet werden.
token_get_tanlist_values=TANs anzeigen
ssh_key_deleted=Der SSH Key wurde gel\u00F6scht.
ssh_key_confirm=SSH Key wirklich l\u00F6schen? Der Key kann nicht wiederverwendet werden.
my_twofa=My Tokens
twofa_backup_tan_list_values=Here you see the next five values of your TAN list. These values must be used in the displayed order.
token_get_tanlist_values=Show TANs
ssh_key_deleted=SSH key has been deleted.
ssh_key_confirm=Really delete ssh key? The key cannot be used again.
......@@ -133,10 +133,23 @@
<p:dialog header="#{messages.twofa_backup_tan_list_values}"
<p:dialog header="#{messages.twofa_tokentype_tanlist}" width="240"
widgetVar="showBackupTanDlg" id="showBackupTanId" modal="true" closable="true" closeOnEscape="true"
showEffect="fade" hideEffect="fade">
<h:outputText value="#{twoFaUserBean.backupTanList.result.value.otp}" />
<div style="margin-bottom: 8px;">
<h:outputText value="#{messages.twofa_backup_tan_list_values}" />
<ul style="margin-bottom: 16px;">
<ui:repeat var="key" value="#{twoFaUserBean.backupTanList.result.value.otp.keySet()}">
<li style="margin-bottom: 4px;">
<b><h:outputText value="#{key}" /></b> -
<h:outputText value="#{twoFaUserBean.backupTanList.result.value.otp.get(key)}" />
<p:commandButton value="Print" type="button" style="margin-bottom: 16px">
<p:printer target="showBackupTanId" />
<p:dialog header="#{messages.twofa_create_totp_token}"
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