Commit 72f5a101 authored by michael.simon's avatar michael.simon
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Check for parent service already registered

parent 2ee15111
......@@ -123,9 +123,17 @@ public class RegisterUserServiceImpl implements RegisterUserService {
service = serviceDao.findById(service.getId());
if (service.getParentService() != null) {"Service has Parent. Registering parent first.");"Service has Parent. Checking parent first.");
List<RegistryEntity> r = registryDao.findByServiceAndUserAndNotStatus(service.getParentService(), user,
RegistryStatus.DELETED, RegistryStatus.DEPROVISIONED);
if (r.size() == 0) {"User {} is not registered with parent service {} yet", user.getEppn(), service.getParentService().getName());
registerUser(user, service.getParentService(), executor);
else {
logger.debug("User {} is already registered with parent service {}", user.getEppn(), service.getParentService().getName());
RegistryEntity registry = registryDao.createNew();
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