Commit 85c2848e authored by michael.simon's avatar michael.simon
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update string resources

parent 33f24a1f
......@@ -357,4 +357,6 @@ no_group_filter_rule=Keine Gruppenfilter Regel
new_password=Neues Passwort
set_new_password=Neues Passwort setzen
hash_password=Passwort hashen
delete_group=Gruppe l\u00F6schen
remove_all_members=Alle Mitglieder entfernen
......@@ -357,4 +357,6 @@ no_group_filter_rule=No groupfilter rule
new_password=New Password
set_new_password=Set new Password
hash_password=Hash password
delete_group=Delete group
remove_all_members=Remove all members
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