Commit d74f8e81 authored by ls1947's avatar ls1947
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remove findByIdWithAll from Approval class

parent d0c83c3d
......@@ -148,8 +148,12 @@ public class ApprovalServiceImpl implements ApprovalService {
try {
* TODO findByIdWithAll is slow. Is it really necessary here?
ServiceEntity serviceEntity = serviceDao.findByIdWithServiceProps(registry.getService().getId());
UserEntity userEntity = userDao.findByIdWithAll(registry.getUser().getId());
//UserEntity userEntity = userDao.findByIdWithAll(registry.getUser().getId());
UserEntity userEntity = userDao.findById(registry.getUser().getId());
ApprovalAuditor auditor = new ApprovalAuditor(auditDao, auditDetailDao, appConfig);
auditor.startAuditTrail(executor, true);
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