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* @file isotropic1D.h
* @brief Class for computing an isotropic scattering kernel of kinetic equations
* @author ?
* @file isotropic1D.h
* @brief Class for computing an isotropic scattering kernel of 1D kinetic equations
* @author ?
* @file scatteringkernelbase.h
* @brief Base class for computing the scattering kernel of kinetic equations
* @author ?
......@@ -13,14 +19,19 @@ class ScatteringKernel
ScatteringKernel() = delete;
QuadratureBase* _quad;
QuadratureBase* _quad; /*! @brief: Pointer to the quadrature used to compute the scattering integral */
/*! @brief: Copies the pointer of quad. Does not create an own quad */
ScatteringKernel( QuadratureBase* quad );
virtual ~ScatteringKernel();
/*! @brief: Computes the scattering kernel and for the whole SN system and stores it in a Matrix
@return: Matrix with discretized scattering kernel */
virtual Matrix GetScatteringKernel() = 0;
/*! @brief: Creates an object of the child class of ScatteringKernelBase corresponding to the enum KERNEL_NAME */
static ScatteringKernel* CreateScatteringKernel( KERNEL_NAME name, QuadratureBase* quad );
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