Commit 1b517da7 authored by jannick.wolters's avatar jannick.wolters
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fixed problem creation

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......@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@ ProblemBase* ProblemBase::Create( Config* settings, Mesh* mesh ) {
case PROBLEM_ElectronRT: return new ElectronRT( settings, mesh );
case PROBLEM_WaterPhantom: return new WaterPhantom( settings, mesh );
case PROBLEM_LineSource_Pseudo_1D: return new LineSource_SN_Pseudo1D( settings, mesh );
case PROBLEM_LineSource_Pseudo_1D_Physics: return new LineSource_SN_Pseudo1D_Physics( settings, mesh );
default: return new ElectronRT( settings, mesh ); // Use RadioTherapy as dummy
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