Commit 5caf02f6 authored by jannick.wolters's avatar jannick.wolters
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updated all external libs to the latest stable version, fixing the previous mesh error

parent 79c6d288
Subproject commit 255aa5f2afe1a622c97422f65ace6ca915be0d8d
Subproject commit ff349a50bfc6214b4081f4ca63c7de35e2162f60
blaze @ 0380370f
Subproject commit 965fdd13a3e87c7c398054d39add0c14fe3779de
Subproject commit 0380370f0626de2ad0ec7ea815803e22bbf6b42e
Subproject commit fba1fa6b493d5030d2adfd4f04c98ff75bd5b8cf
Subproject commit 263c94a262be616484b0bbeb33a6677411f25fbb
Subproject commit cca004efe4e66136a5f9f37e007d28a23bb729e0
Subproject commit cbe9448650176797739dbab13961ef4c07f4290f
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ void Mesh::ComputeConnectivity() {
std::sort( sortedBoundaries[i].begin(), sortedBoundaries[i].end() );
blaze::CompressedMatrix<unsigned> connMat( _numCells, _numNodes );
blaze::CompressedMatrix<bool> connMat( _numCells, _numNodes );
for( unsigned i = mpiCellStart; i < mpiCellEnd; ++i ) {
for( auto j : _cells[i] ) connMat.set( i, j, true );
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