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points on sphere option added

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#include "quadraturebase.h"
class ProductQuadrature : public QuadratureBase
// Implementation is done accordingly to Kendall Atkinson 1981, Australian Matematical Society.
double Pythag( const double a, const double b );
std::pair<Vector, Matrix> ComputeEigenValTriDiagMatrix( const Matrix& mat );
bool CheckOrder();
ProductQuadrature( unsigned order );
virtual ~ProductQuadrature() {}
inline void SetName() override { _name = "Product quadrature"; }
inline void SetNq() override { _nq = 4 * pow( GetOrder(), 2 ); }
void SetPointsAndWeights() override;
void SetConnectivity() override;
inline VectorVector GetPointsSphere() const override { return _pointsSphere; }
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