Commit a3a19b98 authored by jannick.wolters's avatar jannick.wolters
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fixed doxyfile setup

parent 7b175c9d
......@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ if read_the_docs_build:
with open("", "rt") as fin:
with open("Doxyfile", "wt") as fout:
for line in fin:
line.replace('@DOXYGEN_OUTPUT_DIR@', 'doxygen')
line.replace('@DOXYGEN_INPUT_DIR@', '../code/')
line = line.replace('@DOXYGEN_OUTPUT_DIR@', 'doxygen')
line = line.replace('@DOXYGEN_INPUT_DIR@', '../code/')
fout.write(line)'doxygen', shell=True)
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