Commit fcb9b2e5 authored by janis.streib's avatar janis.streib 🦉
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ADD: auth

parent adee9f3f
import requests
from net_suite import app
from flask import jsonify
from net_suite.views import api_login_required
from . import apliste
@apliste.route("/json", methods=["GET"])
def get_data():
user = request.environ['beaker.session']['login']
if not user.has_permission('nd.global_reader'):
return abort(400)
data = requests.get('{url}/json'.format(url=app.config.get('APLISTE_SERVER_URL')),
cert=(app.config.get('APLISTE_CERT'), app.config.get('APLISTE_KEY'))).json()
return jsonify(data)
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