Commit 8dcb93a4 authored by Janis Streib's avatar Janis Streib

FIX: correct json names in es-generator

parent 5d5848c7
......@@ -60,13 +60,13 @@ def es_webpack(output_dir):
old_def_def = v.old.data_default is not None
if old_def_def:
old_default = v.old.data_default
if v.data_type == 'boolean':
if v.data_type['json_name'] == 'boolean':
old_default = str(old_default).lower()
if is not None:
new_def_def = is not None
if new_def_def:
new_default =
if v.data_type == 'boolean':
if v.data_type['json_name'] == 'boolean':
new_default = str(new_default).lower()
if v.data_type['json_name'] == 'string':
if old_default is not None:
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