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......@@ -37,6 +37,35 @@ Variable precendence is as followed (from greatest to least, means the first sou
>>> endpoint = netdb_client.APIEndpoint(**vars(args))
>>> api = netdb_client.APISession(endpoint)
Example help (`h` / `--help`) output:
usage: [-h] [--auth-config AUTH_CONFIG] [--base-url BASE_URL]
[--version VERSION] [--token TOKEN]
Argument Parser for netdb_client
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--auth-config AUTH_CONFIG
config file path (default: /Users/dominik/.config/netdb_client.ini)
--base-url BASE_URL, -b BASE_URL
webapi server.
Environment: "NETDB_BASE_URL"
Config: [DEFAULT]: endpoint
--version VERSION webapi version.
Environment: "NETDB_VERSION"
Config: [$endpoint]: version
--token TOKEN, -t TOKEN
user API token.
Environment: "NETDB_TOKEN"
Config: [$endpoint]: token
The Variables BASE_URL, VERSION and TOKEN can be loaded from config file,environment or from command line arguments.
Variable precendence is as followed (from greatest to least,means the first listed variable overwrites all other variables):
1. cli-arguments
2. environment variables
3. config-file
## Examples
More examples can be found in the [wiki article](
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