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FIX: bcdrecords: tooltip behaviour on disabled button

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......@@ -229,10 +229,12 @@
<!--b-checkbox :indeterminate="toggleAllIsUnkn(record_type)" v-model="toggle_all[record_type]" @input="toggleAll(record_type)"
<div class="text-center">
<b-button :id="record_type + '_bulk'" :disabled="!canEnableBulkAction(record_type)"
<span :id="record_type + '_bulk'">
<b-button :disabled="!canEnableBulkAction(record_type)"
@click="bulkDelete(record_type)" variant="outline-danger">
<font-awesome-icon :icon="['far', 'trash-alt']"></font-awesome-icon>
<b-tooltip :target="record_type+'_bulk'" triggers="hover"
variant="danger" placement="right">
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