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ADD: support for verify ca

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......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ class MacFinderJob(DBObject):
if self.finished:
return self.status
self.status = session.get(app.config.get('MACFINDER_SERVER_URL') + '/status/{}'.format(self.job_id),
cert=(app.config.get('MACFINDER_CERT'), app.config.get('MACFINDER_KEY'))).json()
cert=(app.config.get('MACFINDER_CERT'), app.config.get('MACFINDER_KEY')), verify=app.config.get('MACFINDER_CA')).json()
self.finished = self.status['status'] == 'finished'
self.failed = self.status['status'] == 'failed'
if self.finished:
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