Commit 3aa191e1 authored by gj4210's avatar gj4210 👽 Committed by janis.streib
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UPD: Remove unnecessary closing tag in Paginator

parent 43bcc793
......@@ -2,8 +2,7 @@
<b-row class="justify-content-md-center">
<b-col :md="block ? null : 'auto'" class="mb-0" v-if="totalRows > perPage">
<b-pagination :total-rows="totalRows" v-model="current_page_mutable" :per-page="perPage" first-number align="fill"
last-number class="shadow">
last-number class="shadow"/>
<b-col :md="block ? null : 'auto'" class="mb-0 pb-3">
<b-input-group class="shadow flex-nowrap">
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